Full Sqribble Review and Demo


If you’ve ever tried to design an eBook — for a free report, a product, a Kindle ebook — then you know the pain is real when it comes to designing the damn thing.

And if you’re like most people, you’ll avoid buying expensive design tools or hiring freelancers to do it for you, because it’s a serious HEADACHE and huge expense.

The other option is eBook templates… because the design and layout has been done for you.

But when I recently saw the price for just ONE template… I almost fell off my chair.

It’s was $450… yep, FOURTY HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS… for a freakin’ template.

And you still need to create and insert your content, then screw around with the layout, before you’re ready to roll.

Sorry, but that’s insane.

Until now, we had no other choice.

It was either learn it, outsource it, or pay crazy prices for a template for every book, report or product you wanted to create.

But now there IS another way!

And it’s so damn quick and simple, it’s going to blow your mind:

> Sqribble Review

Talk soon,

PS. This is the future of eBooks, no doubt about it.

PPS. NO need to create content. No need to design anything. Just point, click or tap, and you’re done. Ay Carumba!

My advice is… do what I did… rush over there right now and DOWNLOAD IT:

Sqribble by Adeel Chowdhry

xFunnels Review

xFunnels Review

xFunnels opens a new income opportunity of earning $150 – $999 per set-up of Highly Convertible Sales Funnel On Several Marketplaces. So you can easily Make Lightning Fast High Converting Pages, Websites, eCom Stores & Funnels In Few Minutes for clients and charge some huge bucks. Interestingly, xFunnels is an automated too with one time fee during the launch period so you pocket 100% of whatever you charge.

Digital Worth Academy Workshop

There is a drop everything, make sure you attend kind of LIVE, Digital Worth Academy free training workshop on Monday August 20th (12pm or 7pm ET)

Two 11 year veteran digital entrepreneurs are going to be teaching a strategy they used to generate $213,928 in affiliate commissions in the past 12 months, and get more than 2.5 million organic page views from Google.

You’ll also see how their students have used it to build sites that are now earning from $500, to $50,000 per month (not a typo) even some that are only able to work on it part time.

In particular, you’re going to see:

– The 4 key tactics that drove their “Digital Assets” to
$213k in affiliate commissions in 12 months.

– Why the common advice about which “niches” to choose
is wrong. (& what to pick instead)

– How they use custom software to see exactly how much money
an affiliate offer is going to make before they spend any
time promoting it.

– How a student of theirs built a site to a modest income
… then sold it for a lump sum of $56,000.

– How they got 2.5 million pageviews from Google by getting
their sites mentioned in national publications. (without
even asking)

And so much more.

IMPORTANT: There will not be a replay of this Digital Worth Academy workshop

This is a once only live training event and it is not being recorded.

Save your seat for the event at this link.

And I’ll see you there,

All you Need to Know About Reconditioning Your Lead Acid Battery

Do you want to bring back to life your old or expired lead acid battery? Most motorists believe that an expired battery cannot be restored to its initial performance. They believe that such batteries such be thrown away. But all is not lost, as there is a way that you can use to get your l battery back to its full performance. If you are looking for information about how to recondition lead acid batteries, then you have come to the right place. You will be surprised to know that your expired or old will just work like a new one after reconditioning.

The process of reconditioning batteries is very simple and can be done by any person. All you require is the gadgets and an ample time to get your battery fully reconditioned. After reconditioning, your old or expired battery will have the same features and capacity similar to that of a new one. If you want to understand the process involved in reconditioning batteries, pay close attention to procedures that will be outlined below.

When you recondition your old or expired lead acid battery, you will make great savings. Secondly, you are going to reduce pollution caused by old batteries to the environment by almost 50%.

Basic Steps to follow when reconditioning lead acid battery for your car

A lead acid battery is the most valuable component in a car. It is always good to know that you can recondition them and get a brand new battery. It is important to note that a reconditioned lead acid battery will have a power output of 70% compared to the new ones. To recondition you lead acid battery you should follow the following steps carefully.

Items needed

-Distilled water

-A syringe

-Battery charger


Steps to be followed include the following;

-You will be required to remove the lead acid battery from your car and get rid of the rubber that seals the caps.After that, you will be required to remove all the caps.An average lead acid battery contains at least 7 caps.

-After removing the caps, add distilled water to the battery and start recharging it. Let the battery charge for the next one hour. The bubbles should start to form in the holes as charging continues.

If you do not see any bubbles, alternate the positive and negative wires and observe it for two minutes. By now you should have seen the bubbles. Return the wires to their original positions and charge the battery for around thirty minutes.

-This is the last step in reconditioning your lead acid battery where you replace the old acid with a new one. It is important to remember that a fully charged battery should have between 13 to 14 volts when measured with a voltmeter.


It is always advisable to wear protective gloves as the lead acid used in this process is very corrosive. The battery should be charged for around 12 hours if you are using a slow charger.If you learn how to recondition lead acid battery, then you will make great savings and have a positive impact on the environment.