Digital Worth Academy Workshop

There is a drop everything, make sure you attend kind of LIVE, Digital Worth Academy free training workshop on Monday August 20th (12pm or 7pm ET)

Two 11 year veteran digital entrepreneurs are going to be teaching a strategy they used to generate $213,928 in affiliate commissions in the past 12 months, and get more than 2.5 million organic page views from Google.

You’ll also see how their students have used it to build sites that are now earning from $500, to $50,000 per month (not a typo) even some that are only able to work on it part time.

In particular, you’re going to see:

– The 4 key tactics that drove their “Digital Assets” to
$213k in affiliate commissions in 12 months.

– Why the common advice about which “niches” to choose
is wrong. (& what to pick instead)

– How they use custom software to see exactly how much money
an affiliate offer is going to make before they spend any
time promoting it.

– How a student of theirs built a site to a modest income
… then sold it for a lump sum of $56,000.

– How they got 2.5 million pageviews from Google by getting
their sites mentioned in national publications. (without
even asking)

And so much more.

IMPORTANT: There will not be a replay of this Digital Worth Academy workshop

This is a once only live training event and it is not being recorded.

Save your seat for the event at this link.

And I’ll see you there,