Full Sqribble Review and Demo


If you’ve ever tried to design an eBook — for a free report, a product, a Kindle ebook — then you know the pain is real when it comes to designing the damn thing.

And if you’re like most people, you’ll avoid buying expensive design tools or hiring freelancers to do it for you, because it’s a serious HEADACHE and huge expense.

The other option is eBook templates… because the design and layout has been done for you.

But when I recently saw the price for just ONE template… I almost fell off my chair.

It’s was $450… yep, FOURTY HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS… for a freakin’ template.

And you still need to create and insert your content, then screw around with the layout, before you’re ready to roll.

Sorry, but that’s insane.

Until now, we had no other choice.

It was either learn it, outsource it, or pay crazy prices for a template for every book, report or product you wanted to create.

But now there IS another way!

And it’s so damn quick and simple, it’s going to blow your mind:

> Sqribble Review

Talk soon,

PS. This is the future of eBooks, no doubt about it.

PPS. NO need to create content. No need to design anything. Just point, click or tap, and you’re done. Ay Carumba!

My advice is… do what I did… rush over there right now and DOWNLOAD IT:

Sqribble by Adeel Chowdhry

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