Rocket Spanish is an online course launched by Rocket Languages. Spanish version is their bestseller, mostly because of a different learning approach than others online courses provide. It is mostly due to their casual approach to conversational part of the language which makes it more realistic.

Once you buy this course, you will get a full access to the content and there are no additional charges and payments ever again. One thing that really stuck with me is the fact that Rocket Languages offer you 60-day guarantee, meaning that you can get your money back if you don’t enjoy the course. Another great thing about it is possibility of downloading everything you paid for so it can be used when you are offline. This is something that you can rarely find within other online courses.

Rocket Spanish program is strictly for learning conversational Latin Spanish, there is no writing involved, which is actually amazing for people who need to learn how to speak Spanish sooner. Course teaches you real Spanish, just the way people talk everyday with their friends, families or coworkers. They also included examples of more formal conversations, which may happen in presence of a police officer, the customs or a business people.

There are 31 interactive audio recorded lessons that last around 20 minutes each. Conversations are often known to be humorist and amusing, which enables them to catch and keep your attention longer than other courses tend do. You also get access to flash-card exercises and voice recognition software which main purpose is checking and improving your pronunciation.

All of these features are available for under 100 bucks which is more than fair considering tools and access you get. People who need to learn proper spelling and writing will find that this course isn’t for them. But it is very effective for those who need to master the conversational Spanish faster.

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