Relationships are hard in every stage. Meeting someone you want to invest your time with is difficult. Keeping the relationship enjoyable and healthy is hard. But what happens when you are madly in love with someone but they are terrified of commitment? Author James Bauer has claimed to have written a revolutionary book that teaches women how to learn the key to winning their main man’s attention and keeping it so they are together forever.

The Way it Works

The book itself is how to guide with tips and information on how to figure out what a man wants most. Identifying this major obsession of his will allow you to influence him in ways neither one of you thought was possible. The program itself will increase the love and affection between both you.

Some of the techniques mentioned in the book are ‘Fascinating Signal’, ‘Silent Action’, ‘Unlock his deepest desires and passion’. These techniques are aimed at creating lasting emotional attachments, sexual desires and a thirst for satisfaction in all realms of your relationship.

Is it For You?

Unfortunately, this book is not for everyone. If you decide to read this book and learn how to use it you need to be consistent and follow all the steps. If any of the following apply to you, you may be an ideal candidate for the program:

1. You are always afraid he will lose interest and move on.

2. He seems kind and treats you well but you don’t think he wants it to go any further.

3. All your relationships seem to fail.

4. You feel like you have no control in your relationship, like he is always pulling the strings.

5. He doesn’t seem as passionate as you are.

6. He has many other interests and you always seem like you’re second to everything else.

The Bottom Line

This is a great book if you are completely unaware of how relationships work. It is like a how to guide for anyone who is struggling in their love lives and doesn’t know what to do about it. Do not look at this book like a magic solution. If you want this to work you will not only have to work on your relationship but also on yourself. It will test you, make you break current bad habits and change your state of mind.

This easy to read eBook is available online for immediate consumption. The major drawback of this book is that it is geared only towards women. If you are a male, you will not find any information on how to keep the woman you love in your life. Furthermore, the book requires a level of dedication that not everyone can provide.