God created the world and with it he also created human beings. He planned to continue the cycle of birth in a very beautiful way. He gave men and women sexual desires and ability to produce a child. He gifted women with vagina to conceive & deliver whereas rewarded men with penis to assist. As long as humans followed nature in their lifestyle, things were going smooth but after being exposed to lavish & fashionable lifestyle somewhere down the line it is now affecting their sex life. As far as men are concerned majority of the problems are related to mind and their confidence. Once they are sorted out every problem just seems to have vanished away. One such problem is having a small penis. Men with small penis feel low in confidence and are not being able to satisfy women. The fact that one needs to know is that a healthy man needs just 3 inches of dick to satisfy a woman’s desire and as far as the size is concerned it is very much achievable naturally. So here, in this article we are going to look at some tips about how to increase penis size naturally.

1. Jelquing – It is one of the oldest tricks used by men to increase their member’s size. All you need to do is just wrapping your organ with your thumb and forefinger. Then push slowly, holding it tight towards the head as if you are stretching a rope. Try this at least 5 minutes daily for about 3 months and you will definitely experience the desired result. But before practicing this, make sure that you’re semi-erect.

2. Kegel Method – It basically includes holding, tightening and contracting your pubococcygeus muscle for 20-30 times daily an later on going for more contractions as required. This will result in more blood flow across the organ and a considerable increase in both the length and girth.

3. Adopt a healthy lifestyle like exercising regularly, eating healthy food like fruits & vegetables, avoiding food which is high in calories etc. This will help in loosing weight as well as increase the blood flow throughout the body.

4. One can also try the electric penis enlargement tubes which are nowadays very much popular in the market. It comes with a gel which is just needed to be massaged on the head of the organ for lubrication. After that the penis is covered with the tube which with the help of creating suction stretches the penis. In my opinion, if you’re going for this option please first of all, consult your doctor as it needs to be practiced under a defined control.

So, follow any of the above mentioned tips to gain your perfect size and confidence for your penis. Please ensure that the methods must be followed under proper control as having too long of a dick feels awkward. For this, you must decide the size up to which you are comfortable with your body. Once achieved, immediately stop the exercises and go for girth increasing exercises as it will add a bit more pleasure to your sex life.

Concluding on a hopeful note, Enjoy your sex life!